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A recent research showed that the roofing business is going to reach 253 million squares by the year 2024. Overall, the roofing leads is going to witness a steady growth every year. Due to this, the roofing business is getting more competitive every day because more and more brands are becoming aggressive with their marketing approach. Everyone wants to have their share of success within the industry. But the main question is how much growth you are targeting for your own business? Yes, the right time to take action is right now! Roofing SEO and Digital marketing services are the new norm of the competitive market. By implementing the right strategies, you can boost leads and witness the growth that your business truly deserves.

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How can it boost your roofing leads for growth?

SEO is a set of practices followed to boost your web rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Apart from increasing your website traffic, implementing the right SEO strategy helps in getting quality leads. The right SEO strategy helps your roofing business in the following:


Brand Development and Popularity: SEO boosts your business’s organic reach and online presence. Once your business starts ranking higher on the search engines, you will get more opportunities of developing your own brand, and build a loyal following across the internet.


Traffic relevance: SEO allows you and your business to target certain keywords that are relevant to your products and services. By optimizing your website for these keywords, you will experience a surge of relevant traffic and inquiries classified as qualified leads with higher chances of conversion/sales.


Enhanced User experience: SEO focuses on making your website more user friendly in terms of page load speed, content optimization, keyword distribution, etc. All these things improve your content quality and readability, which increase the average time spent by users on your web pages.


Geographical targeting: Using the SEO tactics, you can target for specific geographical locations. This creates a great opportunity for your business to get some local leads, where you can offer services near your home location.

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What kind of return of investment (ROI) can roofing leads deliver?

ROI refers to the returns that you receive after investing money, time and efforts on a particular marketing campaign.

In roofing leads, the ROI differs on the strategy, reach, timing, and campaign size. It is recommended that you set realistic goals and consider SEO as a long-term strategy that is going to benefit your business over time.

The easiest way to measure ROI is by tracking the lead flow and conversion rate. The best part about roofing SEO is that it allows you to take decisions that boost quality leads from potential clients that are ready to make the purchase, this will improve your conversion rate.

How much time Roofing SEO takes to deliver results?

SEO is a long-term approach that gives the desired results after consistent efforts, right targeting, and optimization. Therefore, the longer the SEO campaign the better the results.

Search engine crawlers take their own time to index, identify, and rank a website for its content. So, the main focus should be on the content, which refers to the value your website adds to the internet space.

While considering an ideal period, an SEO campaign should run for at least 3-5 months to analyse, and track the traffic, quality leads, and conversion rates.

Keep in mind that roofing SEO is a long-term strategy that will increase potential leads and conversions over time because once your website ranks on search engines, then it stays for a longer period of time.

Roofing Leads Outreach: The Ideal Audience size [Local vs General Targeting Approach]?

A local SEO campaign refers to the set of actions taken in order to optimize your website to rank in your preferred geographical area. Basically, It is done to increase local leads, where all efforts are taken to attract potential buyers within your preferred geographical area.

For example: Let’s say that your roofing business is based in Ohio, so a local SEO campaign will optimize your website to rank for search terms like roofing services in Ohio, or when an Ohio based customer searches for roofing services near me.

Local SEO is a great strategy to build a following within preferred geographical location because you can choose the places where you want to rank your website. This is great because you can target the areas with less competition and start getting more leads and conversions right away.

The General SEO strategy is an ideal approach with a nation-wide target audience, which is great for getting leads from all over the country. Also, the general SEO strategy has better results in terms of brand building, Online reputation, and staying competitive to survive in the market.

How On-page SEO Optimization can boost your roofing leads in 2021?

On-page SEO refers to the changes done within a webpage to optimize its content to rank higher on search keywords.

Here are some of the practices done for On-page Optimization:


Pitching the right keywords: The first step of on page optimization is to research and pitch the right keywords on your web page. It is a time-consuming process because it involves a lot of research and then the keywords are placed within the content.


Optimize your website experience: This refers to optimizing the user experience of your website, where all the pages are optimized to deliver the best experience. Making a professional website design, where every heading and piece of content is properly arranged to make sure that it explains your services clearly and stands apart from your competitors.


Optimize for faster page load speeds: On page SEO focuses on improving your website load speed because 53% of users leave your website if it doesn’t open within 3 seconds.


Add analytics: The last step is to add an analytics software to your website, which helps you to track your real time traffic, bounce rate, pages per session, etc. Some of the best analytics software are Google Analytics, Bing Analytics, etc.

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How off-page Optimization can boost your roofing leads in 2021?

Off-page optimization refers to the SEO actions taken outside to your website to boost your online traffic and leads that increase conversions.

Here are some of the activities done under Off page SEO strategies:


Backlink building: It is the practice of linking your website with other websites within your industry. This is also known as relevant link building, and it helps you to get more relevant traffic and increase your domain authority.


List site on directory: Just like a normal telephone/navigation directory, there are online directories. Getting your website submission on these directories helps you to get more relevant online traffic.


Remove Bad links to your website: Bad links also known as broken links that return the URL not found error [404], which can negatively impact your search rankings. Such links are removed from your website.

The role of Social Media Optimization (SMO) to boost Leads for roofing Businesses

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the set of practices done to boost a brand’s social media presence to boost their traffic/leads, popularity and growth. It goes hand in hand with SEO because search engines always give priority to all the websites that have a good social media presence.

Social Media is an ideal platform for all businesses to get in touch with their customers directly and keep a track on their buying behaviour. It allows you to keep a track of all the data that you need to make the right decisions for future plans.

Digital Marketing: How professional lead-generation services can boost roofing leads in 2021?

Implementing the right SEO and SMO strategy will surely boost your leads. However, there are other strategies such as lead generation services that can deliver great results.

One thing that you should consider is to go with a professional lead generation service.

Professional Lead Generation Service vs Conventional Lead Generation

Yes, there is a big difference between conventional lead generation and a professional lead generation service. Here are some of the differentiating factors:

Pragmatic Approach: A professional lead generation service has a much more pragmatic approach because most of these service providers have industry experience backed by a lot of data that helps in taking the right decisions to boost their leads.


B2B vs B2C specialization: A professional lead generation service is ideal for boosting B2B leads and B2C leads because they are experienced in all strategies required to attract big companies and individual customers at the same time.


Result-oriented: Using their industry experience, professional lead generation services are capable of delivering results within a reasonable time period.

Start now and boost leads for your roofing business in 2021

Using the right digital marketing and SEO practices you can increase your leads and chances of growth in the competitive roofing business. Being professionals at localleadsUp, we always look forward to delivering the best value for our clients. To make sure that we deliver the best quality, we have developed models like Rank & Rent to boost your roofing leads. We always look forward to answering inquiries of all our potential clients, and if you are interested in talking about success for your roofing business. Then, you can contact us directly and take the first step to boost your leads in 2021.

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