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“We’ve engaged with similar agencies in the past. But there’s nothing similar about LeadsUP. They’re professional and a pleasure to work with. In a short time, they’ve become our business partners.”
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Start Getting Customers Immediately with a rent of website that ranks High in Google. As an entrepreneur doing business online, you are well aware that you have no need of a website that does not bring you customers. That’s why you are looking for an SEO company that will spend some time and effort to make your website highly visible on Google for your potential clients. But what if you are offered an opportunity to purchase a website that is already ranking high on Google and what if you do not have to pay upfront to have it promoted for the months it takes to achieve that high ranking?
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LocalLeadsUP is proud to be the first to offer a new and innovative SEO service that is attracting more and more customers. Here’s how it works: you rent your industry-related website that is already in the Top 10 on Google’s 1st page and that already has real visitors for your main keywords. This means that you do not need to invest into website creation, unique design, or search engine optimization. This all is already done by our company.

This marketing strategy compares favorably to Google Pay-per-Click advertising. With our method, we find that the cost of visitors is much lower than those purchased with Google PPC. Did you know that only 5% of those who click on the search result entry that had been purchased with Google PPC actually convert to customers? The majority of our sites already have from 300 to 10,000 targeted monthly visitors both from Boston and other areas in the state of Massachusetts who are looking for Massachusetts-based painters, carpenters, Plumbers, landscapers, movers, electricians, house cleaners, carpet cleaners and so on. As opposed to the high cost of PPC advertising, these visitors will cost you no more than $500 monthly.

The Rental of Ranked Sites is an Ideal Option for Small And Medium Businesses as it Has Several Advantages:

  • You do not make any investment into site development and web design,
  • There is no need to wait several months until your new website makes it to the TOP of Google,
  • There are no negotiations and tricky contracts with SEO providers that offer NO warranty,
  • There are no risks that your site will lose its top positions,
  • If Google is not the main source of your clients, then you simply stop paying the rent.

This method is a perfect choice for contractor businesses that do not need to pay ongoing high rates for SEO for 12 months in order to be on TOP for just 60-90 days when their services are in high demand. We offer free hours of maintenance to keep your site updated with your freshest marketing ideas and special events. The low rental price may be comparable to the minimum that other Agency SEO Companies charge their clients WITHOUT any warranty that the site will ever reach Google TOP 10 page.

Frustrated At Not Getting Enough Online Enquiries?

To take advantage of this innovative and effective service, you merely provide us with the desired keywords you wish to rank within your particular industry and you will have two choice:

  1. If we have a site of your chosen industry already showing up in Google, we update it with your actual products and services, insert your logo, contact details and phone numbers into the site and you start getting clients’ requests and calls immediately.
  2. If we do not have your specified industry among our already ranked sites, this is no problem. We just create a site for free, fill it with your desired information and start promoting it for your desired keywords. It is only after you see this site in Google’s TOP 10 for these keywords that you actually start paying rent.

Dominate Your Market With Multiple Cities

Some of our customers have serving 20+ cities. That’s right, over 20 cities. They have optimized pages for every city they serve in their chosen market. They know that when someone needs a “Dover MA Plumber” (just an example), people are going to type “Plumber in Dover MA” into the Google search engine. If you are a plumber in Massachusetts and your site doesn’t serve “Dover MA” your site won’t be at the top of Google for that search and you probably won’t be getting the business. But what companies can afford 5, 10, or more Cities? Not many! But they can all afford to choose a package that many if the website are pulling in the traffic.

If We Don’t Have it Yet, We’ll Build it Just For You

We don’t have hundreds of sites built. If we don’t have one for your city and your service, let us build you a great website. You won’t be disappointed.If you have any questions about our ranked website rental service, please contact us today!.

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