Payment Policy

Payment of Outstanding balance Before renting a new website

Before a current customer rent a new website, their account must be current with no outstanding or overdue payment If a customer’s account(s) is overdue, any payment(s) made will be applied to the overdue or delinquent account (a closed account which sll has an outstanding balance) prior to being applied to a new website rent or current charge. There are following prices on ranked website rentals including optimization (SEO), Domain name, Hosting, Back Links, SiteLock Security Seal and 24/7 Support:

  • 1 City = $299/Monthly
  • 5 Cities = $499/Monthly
  • 10 Cities = $649/Monthly
  • 20 Cities = $949/Monthly


Late Fees on Defined Period Website Rental Contracts

On the 3rd day past a customer’s billing date each unpaid website rental carries the following consequences:

  • For defined period contracts, if a valid payment has not been made by end of day (EOD) on the 3rd day of the current billing cycle, then a $45 late fee is applied to the outstanding website rental(s).
  • If an account that is unpaid by the end of the 3rd day has more than one website rental included, the $45 late fee will be applied to each website. For example, if an account has three websites, then three (3) $45 late fees will be assessed to that account.

Website Phone and Email Leads Disconnected

At EOD of the 3day, if a website rental under a defined contract period has not paid their invoice, the customer will no longer receive phone or email leads. The website(s)will remain assigned to the customer’s account number , but the customer no longer receives the leads generated by the website.

Once a customer no longer receives phone or email leads, Rankedsites4rent will continue to consider website unavailable for resale for 3 days. During that me the customer can contact us to become reinstated. After the 3 day Hold Period, the website will be considered available and can be rented to a new customer.


Reinstatement of Phone and Email Leads from a Website

If a defined contract period website rental customer asks to be reinstated after the 3rd but within the 3 day Hold Period that we keep they website unavailable for resale, they will be required to immediately pay their outstanding balance. This balance will include the outstanding monthly rental fee, the late charge (s) that has accrued to the account, and a $50 reinstatement fee. Before phone and email leads are reinstated, a valid credit card must be charged manually and the payment authorized.

A customer who loses a website rental after 6 days due to non-payment will not be allowed to re-rent the same website until a minimum of 60 days have passed since they were disconnected.


Month to Month Website Rentals

For Month to Month (M2M) website rentals, if a valid payment has not been made by the end of the bill day, then phone and email leads can be disconnected at the end of that day, and the website(s) can be released back to Sales to be made available to another customer the next day.


Setup Fee Payment is Applied When Rent a New Site

That’s right, you can have a professionally built website for only $249 setup fee,(company logo, email address and phone number) added, plus monthly rental. NO cost and NO worries about hosting, domain name or any expense related to it. A great site that will be SEO optimized to appear on the top page of Google with both onsite and off-site SEO methods to guarantee your success. The rental rate depends on how many cities you want to advertise and operate, starting from 1 and going up to 30 cities.


Getting Started is easy:

Renting a pre-ranked website from Rankedsites4rent is simple: Just fill up contac form to check the availability for your industry and local market, and them let us konw what phone number and email address you would like to use to receive the leads. That’s it! You could be generating online leads for your business in as little as a few days.

Availability is limited for pre-ranked sites, and due to the high level of competition, we can only offer exclusive rights to two companies per industry per local market. Gain the advantage over your competition. Call us today!

Late Fees, Reinstatement Fees, Setup Fee, Deposit Policy




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