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LocalleadsUP, a premier web design company Lexington MA, provides web design services along with web design and development. A web design company focuses on designing websites for browsers considering client needs and user experience. In recent years, the web design company, localleadsUP, has been providing web design services for tablets and mobiles as well.

Getting Started

A creative web design and development

In Lexington MA, there are several web design companies. Localleadsup focuses on the appearance and layout of the website. It also manages the content to ensure it looks appealing to the target audience. A web design company also looks into how the information is structured and categorized. Localleadsup in Lexington looks into web design and development by focusing on simplicity, so no extra information distracts the user. Common Lexington web design & services we can help you with:

web design company Lexington
web design services Lexington MA

Responsive Design

Committed to providing excellence

As part of its web design services, the web design company in Lexington also focuses on graphic design website, wordpress website design, website design, website redesign and responsive web design services. There are several reasons why you would want a web design. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to having a website. However, before we jump into that. Let’s first move on to the most important point—the cost.


An optimal technology architecture requires a skillful balancing of factors – current and future needs, workflows, integrations, regulatory…

Technical Discovery

We begin by assessing your current environment and technology stack, speaking to your key stakeholders and tech leads.

Design + Copywriting

We’re an end-to-end website development agency, so we are more than capable of handling your digital strategy, information architecture…

Benefits of a rated web design company

For a web design company in Lexington, how much does it cost per month to have a website? This is one of the most important questions localleadsup in Lexington is asked. The short answer is that it varies. On average, the monthly cost of owning a website can range between $295 and $990. However, it should be noted that the prices do fluctuate in any given month. This means that you might have to pay more or less, depending on how the prices are moving. In some cases, a web design company can ask you to pay upfront for an entire year.

This might be an advantage for you as in this case, the cost for web design services will remain the same as you would have already paid upfront. Localleadsup in Lexington gets asked this question a number of times. As a web design agency that offers web design and development services, there are several reasons why we believe that web design is so important. These are:

Building trust

A web design agency can help you build trust with the audience. People don’t trust poorly web design companies. It gives them the impression that information is outdated. They might think that the website is shady. To counter this, you need to hire a web design company in Lexington to provide you with web design and development services. If the web design company offers you a professional site, your audience will trust your business and further check it.

Helps with SEO

Another benefit of hiring a web design in Lexington is that it will help in the SEO. A web design company uses elements to publish content on your website. In turn, this affects the ranking of your website on Google. This is one of the things you cannot overlook. Suppose a web design company cannot get your on-page SEO fundamentals right. In that case, you will have a problem in becoming visible to your audience. LocalleadsUP, a web design company in Lexington, can easily help you out here.

Helps customers gauge how you perceive them

If your website is bright, inviting and colorful, your audience in Lexington will want to connect with you. You will be giving the impression that you are looking out for them. Think about it this way, if you walk into an office, would you want to be greeted by someone who cannot be bothered to look at you, or would you want someone to smile and listen to what you have to say? It works the same way with web design and development. You can achieve that by hiring the web design company, localleadsUP, in Lexington and let them help you.

The competitors are doing it

If you ask your web design company how many clients have hired them for web design service, you will be surprised. The fact is that several competitors are using these services to improve their rankings. The web design agency helps them to attract more leads to their page, resulting in better performance

Web design company, designing & pricing

Another service a web design agency can offer you is building a website. However, it will cost you a web design company will tell you that it costs $295 to build a website with an additional cost of $50 to maintain it every month. If you hire a website developer from a web design company, you might have to pay $6000 upfront. The website domain will cost you between $12 and $60; you can ask any web design company in Lexinton MA. The web design agency can also tell you that it costs $35-600 for website hosting.

The SSL certificate can cost between $0 and $200 and the template will be around the same. The website design and website content can cost you up to $5000 and if you ask for SEO and marketing from the web design company, you will have to pay up to $90. It might seem like a lot of expense. However, if you hire a web design company, it can be worth it. You will not have to train yourself or your workers to do it. Plus, the web design services in Lexington, such as localleadsup can help you achieve your goal.

Dominate the Lexington area with a professional website design

LocalleadsUP is a leading Digital Marketing agency offering a web design bundle of services meant to satisfy the requirements of budding entrepreneurs aspiring to take advantage of the digital space.

LocalleadsUP, web design company offers web design services, web design and development and even e-commerce website design. You can just Google website design near me in Lexington and locate us. It can help you out as it is a top-notch web design company. You will not be disappointed with the services they offer.

Lexington, Massachusetts


The area that is now Lexington was first settled circa 1642 as part of Cambridge, Massachusetts. As the population increased, Lexington was incorporated as a separate parish, called Cambridge Farms, in 1691. This allowed the residents to have their own local church and minister, although they were still under jurisdiction of the Town of Cambridge. Lexington was incorporated as a separate town in 1713. It was then that it got the name Lexington. How the town received its name is the subject of some controversy. One view is that it was named in honor of Lord Lexington, an English peer. Another view is that it was named after Lexington (which was pronounced and is today spelled Laxton) in Nottinghamshire, England. In the early colonial days, Vine Brook, which runs through Lexington, Burlington, and Bedford, and then empties into the Shawsheen River, was a focal point of the farming and industry of the town. It provided for many types of mills, and in the 20th Century, for farm irrigation.

Battle of Lexington

On April 19, 1775, what many regard as the first battle of the American Revolutionary War was the Battle at Lexington. On the night of April 18, the British Army had sent out 800 grenadiers and light infantry soldiers on foot from Boston, with the intention of destroying Colonial gunpowder and cannons that were being stored in Concord, as well as capturing two leaders of the Sons of Liberty, John Hancock and Samuel Adams, who were staying in Lexington. Hancock and Adams were warned of the danger by two alarm riders, Paul Revere and William Dawes, who alerted the countryside of the British movements. When the British soldiers arrived on the Lexington Common not long after sunrise, they faced 77 men of the Lexington militia, commanded by Captain John Parker. Someone-still unknown to this day—fired a shot, provoking an exchange of musket fire between the two sides. Eight Lexington militia men were killed, dozens more wounded. After the rout, the British marched on toward Concord. There, several hundred militia and minute men from nearby towns assembled near the Old North Bridge to turn back the British and prevent them from capturing and destroying the Colony’s stores of gunpowder and military equipment. Today, the town annually commemorates the battle on the Battle Green in the Downtown with a reenactment, as part of its Patriots Day festivities.

Setting the first impression

When the people of Lexington visit your website, it gives them an impression of your business. They will be able to tell within seconds what the website design agency does. In these first few seconds, you should aim to make a positive impact about your company through the web design services you hire. This will work as Lexington’s audience might want to do business with you in the long run.

However, if the website does not look appealing or looks outdated, you have a problem. The audience in Lexington will for a negative opinion of your business. They won’t find the website appealing in any way. This prevents them from reaching out to you, and you will miss out on leads because they will leave your website and go to a competitor’s website.

A web design agency such as localleadsUP in Lexington will prevent this from happening by offering you the best web design and development services. By utilizing their expertise, you will be able to hold on to your audience. The bottom line is that the impression you give to the audience will determine if they will stay there. An attractive web design by a web design company should help you to generate newer leads.

The audience in Lexington judges how you will treat them just by taking a look at your website. Therefore, it is important that the graphic design company designs your website in a way that makes your audience feel they are being heard. If the web design company does not put in the effort to give top-notch web design services, your audience will know that you are not looking out for them.


What our clients say

Mark Locksmith

Lexington, MA

“LocalLeadsUP has been an instrumental partner in our local SEO presence. The team takes action based on industry research, and has done a fantastic job supporting our business objectives.”

Mary Lerman

Walpole, MA

“We worked with the LocalLeadsUP on the successful redesign our website. It was great to have them looking out for us as these things can get tricky. When it comes to SEO, there is no substitute… ”

Steve Jayne

Andover, MA

“No question that we ever had was too small or dumb to ask. And, bottom line, they deliver. We were way down on page 2 for organic search when we hired LocalLeadsUP.”

Web design services Faq’s

We’ve listed our commonly web design asked questions here! If you have a question that hasn’t been addressed here, or would like more information on any of the answers, give us a shout!

How long does it take to finish the website?

Every project is different, but a web design company such as localleadsup ensures that the project is completed within 4 to 6 weeks.

Do I need to give you the content?

No, you can work on your content. The web design company will provide you with a content outline to make things easier for you.

Do you do graphic design?

Our web design company localleadsup gives graphic design website services. It also offers website redesign services to help you.

How much do you charge for web design services?

It depends on the project. However, our services will not be too heavy on your pocket.

Do you offer custom design?

Yes, how you want to build your website is entirely up to you. You can also ask for our input if you choose.

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