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How does our ranked websites for rent work?

Read carefully bellow and make your decisions, then choose the correct plan for you in pricing page.



Customers will contact you directly by phone or online.



You will get all leads (calls, emails and submissions) directly to your inbox.



You quote the job and close the sale, 100% of the time.

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Rank & Rent websites Program

As mentioned, we currently own some websites in some of niches that are valuable to businesses all over the U.S. These websites are niche and location oriented so if we have a webpage that is currently ranking well in your business niche and local, we will rent that webpage out to you on a month-to-month basis. If we don’t already have a website ranking for the business related keywords you need, we will build one optimized for your local area and once it reaches page one of Google we’ll rent the webpage out to you.

The cool thing about our service is you own all of the leads that come through our website that you are renting. The fact that you can opt-out at any time, makes this service a win-win for everyone involved. To run a small (5 line) ad in the local newspapers here in the Boston, Worcester area runs about $1,300 for one week! Our rank and rent websites are much more fairly priced, are tracked with analytics and are based on the value of the leads you will receive through your rented site.

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Unique approach

Why rent our ranked website?

We Have Done The Competitive Research

And we keep doing it. When a website is available for rent, it has already proven to be competitive in your industry. The content is written for organic SEO, we have used the right keywords, we know what your toughest competitors are doing and it is all accounted for.

We Run Multivariate Tests

Just because a website is generating leads, doesn’t mean it can’t do better. We run consistent headline multivariate tests to measure what headlines are driving the best lead conversions.

You Get All The Leads

Isn’t that the point? We don’t charge more for the leads. When you rent our high-traffic optimized website, all phone calls and leads go directly to your business, 100% of the time.

You Want A High-Traffic, Turnkey Digital Property

If you were looking for a office or retail space for your business, you would more than likely prefer something on a busy street, that is easy to find and is highly visible to your customers. Renting one of our websites gives you just that; proven website traffic for customers that are looking for your services today.

You Want To Test The Market

If your business is new, you may want to test the market before investing in your own permanent business website. Renting a website allows you to establish a presence in the market, gain brand visibility, gather reviews and learn what your market is looking for.

You Want To Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts

Renting a website is a unique and economical way to increase lead generation for your business, even if you have a successful established website. Our digital rental properties are industry-specific and optimized for a more broad industry audience, and because the leads go directly to you, brand-focus can be established later in your sales funnel.

You Simply Don’t Want To Deal With It

You may want to focus on serving your clients, rather than working on the digital side or hiring staff to fulfill this requirement. Qualified staff in the digital marketing and web design industries are in high-demand and difficult to secure. Renting a website, and taking advantage of our full-service marketing options instantly lifts your business to the same level as your toughest competitors.

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Industries we serve

Small business lead generation that works for YOU. Our clients enjoy a 5x – 20x return on investment. If your industry does not appear here don’t worry, just get in touch and we can get one set up for you.

General Contractors
Excavation Contractors
Painting Contractors
Custom Home Builders
Gutter Contractors
Roofing Contractors
Remodeling Contractors

Dumpster Rental
Door & Window Contractors
Exterior Contractors
Electrical Contractors
Plumbing Contractors
Irrigation Contractors
Fireplace & Chimney

Tree Service Contractors
Septic & Sewer Companies
Concrete Contractors
Power Washing Contractors
Lawn Care Companies
Masonry Contractors
Landscaping Contractors

Pest Control Services
House Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Home Improvement
Damage Restoration

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