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Have a question?

Hello and welcome to LocalLeadsUP – If you are a local business, then pay very close attention and we’ll do our best to make this as brief as possible.

How to get instant access to available websites for rent?
We’ve done all of the hard work, we’ve created optimized websites, and with our SEO Strategy, we’ve made it possible for you to simply pay a recurring monthly fee – and then instantly will bring you more business from day one. Then, when anyone on the web, or local consumers looking for something related to your business or services, YOUR WEBSITE will show up on first page to the customer.
Be greedy and take advantage on our high ranked websites
This is very powerful if you don’t have a lot of high search engine rankings and you want to take over our spots instantly. And it is also very powerful if you have good rankings already – but you just want to pound your competition into submission by claiming even more high search results for your business. If you’ve been fighting, scratching, and clawing your way up the search engine rankings – but it’s just not happening, then rent one of our ranket website right now!
Instant search engine rankings for your business
It’s an instant solution without all of the normal struggles of getting high search engine rankings. Either way, and for any stage in between, we have something just right for you and your business that will get straight to the point, give you the super-charge that you need, and get you back into the game and on top of your competition.
Plumbers, Painters, Landscapers: Rent our pages Instantly!
It’s completely true! – We know how to rank so well in Google that we’ve created websites just for local contractors. If you search for any related “Massachusetts cities search” for those company fields – you’ll see that we have many of first page rankings. You can simply find one our many high search rankings and rent a website. As soon as you pay for the monthly rental – the related website INSTANTLY displays on our system and you get full credit and power for that Google position. Find available websites on our Marketplace page.
Why did we build websites just for local businesses when our primary business is SEO?
Because we know how to get websites to the top 10 and you know how to run your business practice. Please don’t expect us to know how to build a deck – and we won’t expect you to know how to outrank us on search engines. – It’s a great relationship! … And when you choose to rent a strategic contractor website (or pages) from us – it is a total WIN – WIN situation. You don’t have to pay a company like ours thousands of dollars to rebuild your site and SEO it to the top of Google in 5 to 6 months. Instead – you can get instant and powerful ranking and your competition won’t know what hit them.
How our ranked websites help you dominate your competition?
Example A: Just like in the game of Monopoly – usually the person with the most property wins. It is the same principle here. We give you a chance to own as much local property as you need to grab new clients and customers. Example B: Let’s say that you own a Landscaping company in Southborough MA. Chances are – you might rank on the first, second, or third page of Google for your area – and that’s great. But you also can choose packages of 1 City, 5 Cities, 10 Cities or 20 Cities to service. You’ll see that your company / website at the first page of Google search results. …This means that any local contractor company in Southborough, Northborough, Shrewsbury, Weston, etc. – can jump in and rent our websites. …Then, no matter where they currently rank for “kitchen remodeling” – they can instantly take the first page! We’ll say it again… How cool is that?
How does the rental process work?
Very easily… First, the Marketplace top menu link, and check of any available page on our site, then go to contact us page. Correctly enter your informations details and then the industry you are interested in – and we will be contacting you as soon as possible. Be sure to enter your right contact phone number and email address.
About the ranking for these rental websites
First of all – Google is a weird animal and they are constantly changing their rules – so we make no guarantee of specific search engine rankings. However, there are some new available websites in our marketplace page – and we have already ranked these pages to the first and second pages – on all respective cities of the Massachusetts state. With that being said, now we begin the process of hammering these pages with our SEO skills (search engine optimization) and we know to relentlessly push our pages higher and higher as the months and years go by.
About your potential return on your investment by renting our websites

Well, you may not make a dime or you may make well over 800% ROI on your rental website.
Example: Your landscaping or remodeling company is in Wellesley, Massachusetts. But you are planing to rent our PRO PACKAGE of 5 cities. That would cost you $325 per month.

But let’s say that we begin to push our site and pages higher and higher in search engine rankings and now you own 5 extra first page Google rankings in cities where you don’t even have an office. YES, you begin to quickly get online TRAFFIC from your competitors!

What if those five newly cities EACH bring in 3 new clients per month – giving you a total of about 12 new clients a month that you never would have gotten otherwise… – Well, then, it’s your practice and you can do the math.

Better yet, what if your phone is ringing off the hook and each new city is bringing you in 10 new clients per month – for a total of 40 new clients every 30 days. …Then – how much would your ROI be?

A final and closing word
You can see what we’ll make every 30 days for our pages… (One City). $249. But we’re good at what we do and the entire planet is using Google (or other search engines) like never before. Our goal is to allow your local business to completely “CRUSH IT” in the online marketplace and to dominate your competition. So, if in the months to come you find yourself making a 200% or 300% ROI off of the websites you rent from us – We’re totally happy for you and that is our goal! Should you have any questions at all before or during the rental process – simply use our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you soon! All the best – and let the renting begin!

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